Morito Hotel and Apartments, Cala Millor, Majorca

Booking conditions

The Hotel reserves the right to request a part or full payment of the stay by bank transfer.
The amount paid will be deducted from the total bill at the end of the stay at the hotel guarantee your reservation with credit card (including date of expiry):


Provide details of your credit card. It is important that Vd. know that no amount will be charged to your card when confirming your reservation. Simply require the same data in order to maintain the reserve effect in your name (with our policy of reservations). The total amount for your stay will be paid by the property, in cash or by credit card.

*When registering valid passport is required for all guests.

If for any reason must make changes to your booking, contact us:

Hotel Morito, Bonanza 20, Cala Millor (Spain)
Loss. (34)971 58 56 24   Fax (34)971 81 36 40

We will confirm the changes within the 24 hours and send you a new reservation. If there were no dates available both as type of room, will suggest the best possible alternatives.

Your reservation will be kept until 6 the date of entry p.m; If you arrive after this time, must tell, since otherwise we could have the room and consider your reservation as “Not Submitted”.

In case of no show the hotel the day of entry provided, we will charge your credit card the amount corresponding to one day of stay and your reservation will be canceled.

You may cancel your reservation with a minimum of 3 días (72 hours) ó 7 días (as the reservation is for normal or end dates, respectively) before the day of arrival; otherwise, the Hotel will charge one night stay as penalty.

Equally, if you want to shorten your stay, must communicate with the same minimum stay ahead as the normal or end dates before the new departure date you request, otherwise having the same penalty of one night's stay. In peak dates such as Easter and other, This option may not exist, in which case we will state explicitly when we confirm your reservation. —-

You may cancel your reservation by phone, e-mail o fax; only need to provide the reservation number.


POR WEB: Ask for availability by completing and submitting theHotel reservation form Moritowith your request and personal information

ROP FAX: For booking by fax, print and send in this way the data requested in a form that can be obtainedby clicking here.For both establishments, one must specify the establishment observations.

In either case, will send confirmation with reservation number, via email to fax, chosen as.


Your personal data, the arrival and departure of the hotel, the type and number of rooms reserved, the total amount of your stay, reservation number and cancellation policy.

CEO. can print the confirmation and present it on arrival at the Hotel.